The Awakening by Amanda Stevens. Published by MIRA

This is the sixth (and final?) episode of the Graveyard Queen series. Amelia Gray, cemetery restorer and ghost whisperer is hard at work restoring Woodbine Cemetery, final resting place of Charleston’s most well to do residents. Amelia begins to be haunted by the spirit of a child who disappeared 40 years before, a child who demands the truth be told and that justice be brought against those accountable for her death. This brings Amelia smack dab in the middle of John Devlin’s orbit. Devlin, Amelia’s former lover, who had long eschewed his family’s dark secrets and rituals, has appeared to given in to his family’s demands and gone over to their side. But to solve this case, Amanda needs Devlin’s help. Will the man she once loved be her salvation or her death? I really don’t want to see this series end, it’s one of the most intriguing, well written Southern Gothic series I have read.


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